Customer Service Agents (Telephonist) - Evenings

Job Purpose:
The role of the telephonist is to answer calls in an efficient manor and input the data correctly into the system so that jobs can be sent out to the drivers. You are expected to be polite and courteous and demonstrate a good level of customer service. You are the forefront of the business.
Duties & Responsibilities:

Answering the phone:

– You are expected to answer the phone before the three rings – otherwise it will ring off and bounce the call.
– You should answer the phone in an appropriate manor i.e. Good Morning, Good Afternoon or Good Evening.
– You should not rush the customer off the phone before you have all the relevant information.
– You must be polite and respectful at all times.

Booking in jobs:

– You are expected to book jobs in accurately, making sure that there is a clear pick up, destination and name.
– You are to follow guidelines for booking in more complex jobs i.e. Airports, Bus Bookings, Wheelchairs etc.
– Unless authorised with management you should pass on any account booking to a dispatcher on your shift.
– When booking in advanced complex jobs you must either cover the booking or make that particular shift aware of the booking.


– You are required to know a basic knowledge of dispatching i.e. Recovering jobs, No Fares, Voice Requests and other commands that may come up.
– You are NOT permitted to sit on the front desk unless asked by a manager; you may only sit on back up dispatch when required.
– You are to aid the dispatcher with commands only when they ask you to do so, your main responsibility is the phones.
– If you answer a voice request and you cannot deal with it then you are to relay this message to the dispatcher.


– You are required to follow the complaints procedure on top of the complaints form.

– You are to try and diffuse the situation on the phone and remain calm and customer focused, filling out the form with as much information as possible.

– You are to pass on any complex complaints only, to the dispatcher on the shift.

– You must not communicate with any drivers in regards to complaints that may have been received against them.



– Above Minimum Wage

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